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Gold: $1,209.40 0.80  Silver: $18.26 up -0.16

Gold Jewelry Values by Karat Purity
The following table shows common gold jewelry purities and their current value per ounce and per gram. Now you can quickly find the per gram melt value of gold jewelry including 10k, 12k, 14k, 18k, and 22k purities.
The current per gram and per ounce prices for 24k pure gold and .999 fine gold are also provided as a reference.

Table based on Feb 19th, 2018 gold melt prices:
Gold $1,209.40/oz up 0.80
Item Gold Purity Gold Value / OZT Gold Value / Gram
24k Pure Gold24k Pure Gold
$1,209.40 $38.89
.999 Fine Gold.999 Fine Gold
$1,208.19 $38.85
22k Gold Jewelry22k Gold Jewelry
$1,108.66 $35.65
18k Gold Jewelry18k Gold Jewelry
$907.05 $29.17
14k Gold Jewelry14k Gold Jewelry
$705.08 $22.67
12k Gold Jewelry12k Gold Jewelry
$604.70 $19.44
10k Gold Jewelry10k Gold Jewelry
$504.32 $16.22

* In the U.S., jewelry is not considered to be "solid gold" unless it is at least 41.7% pure gold (10k).

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